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Boating Education and Training


The Boulder Valley Squadron provides many sailing and boating classes here in Colorado each year, open to sailors of all skill levels. These classes include instructor led courses, on-the-water and in the classroom, along with seminars and workshops on many boating topics.

One of the key philosophies of USPS is the self-education of its members through USPS University, where successful students go on to teach other students to perpetuate boating knowledge. Our instructors bring many years of practical experience to the classroom using modern instructional techniques.

For scheduling questions on any of these courses check the latest newsletter or contact the BVSPS Education Officer on the Contact Us page.

America's Boating Course

This is an in-depth boating safety course that is taught periodically by member instructors who have broad experience in boating. It is provided as a civic service to the public to make boating safer and more enjoyable to all. It may also be taken through self-study or on the internet.

USPS link: America's Boating Course.

The Boat Operator Certification Program

In the Boat Operator's Certification Program, USPS will certify members at various levels of recreational boating proficiency. We expect that these certifications will be recognized across the boating community, both domestically and internationally.


USPS link: Boat Operator Certification.

USPS Seminar Series

USPS has an extensive seminar series for boaters. These short subjects are targeted to specific topics and needs, and include valuable take-away guides.

USPS link: Seminar Series.

USPS Advanced Boating Courses

Boulder Valley Squadron teaches a series of USPS courses that cover advanced boating topics. These instructor based classes are typically 6-8 weeks in duration and are open to non-members as well as members. These courses include advanced grades of boating in addition to electives. They cover subjects such as seamanship, navigational techniques, boat handling and maintenance, and other topics.

USPS link: Advanced Boating Courses.

USPS Online Education

A series of online "guides" on a variety of subjects of interest to boaters from USPS. These short courses are a great fill-in to complete your boating and marine-related education.

USPS link: USPS Guides.

Notes from Education Officer

The student's interest is a primary driver in what courses are offered. Communicate your interests to the Squadron Education Officer (SEO). Often friends will put together interest groups which can be the impetus for a class.

All classes can be done independent study. If you are interested in a topic and have the skills to teach it due to life experience and/or formal education, let the SEO know. We always need instructors so that some of our veterans can have a break occasionally. As the need to teach more students increases, so does our need for instructors. It is very rewarding work.

Note: Many of these classes are offered through online study with the University of West Florida. USPS Link: USPS Courses and Seminars

For scheduling questions on any of these courses check the latest newsletter or contact the BVSPS Education Officer on the Contact Us page.